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David and Jeanne’s article on how George and Martha Washington entertained during his presidency appears in the latest issue of the Mount Vernon Magazine. A subscription to this handsome publication is included with membership to "George Washington's Mount Vernon.” Details on how to to become a member are here. Mount Vernon is a private organization that relies on contributions and members to maintain the property and sustain the memory of Washington’s invaluable service to the nation. It is a more than worthwhile endeavor that merits the support of all citizens, and the perquisites are significant, such as free admission to Mount Vernon and more,  in addition to the subscription to its publication. Please do check it out! 


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A Christmas Sampler! — For this year’s Yuletide, a few recollections to divert and, we hope, delight again or anew.  Keep Reading

Thanksgiving — — Something happened at Plymouth that was memorable enough to lay the foundation of a tradition. Keep Reading

Lively Girl — George was eleven,  and it was Mary who shaped his childhood, though it’s hard to say how.   Keep Reading

Where is There? — Plopped down in a trackless wilderness, they were of that generation’s pocket-protector set, nerds in the modern nomenclature.  Keep Reading

Seventeen Days in June — Congress had done the king a favor by providing a short list of traitors. Keep Reading

Child of Fortune Dawn would give way to dark. Tyrants biding their time in the shadows would smile. Keep Reading

Henry’s Ma — The scene with the coins was probably a quaint family legend. What happened was more impressive. Keep Reading

Making Helen Glad — And all the trees of the field shall clap their hands Keep Reading

I, Cooper — What do a locomotive, a pencil, and a tinkering businessman have to with one another? Keep Reading

The Swan and the Duckling — The swan lived a life of glitter on its surface. The duckling simply lived. Keep Reading

Inauguration Day — Everything everyone had known about the country was set to change. Keep Reading

The Wedding at the White House  A beguiling charm made her popular, not because she was pretty but because she was nice. Keep Reading

In Short, the Magi — Will Porter knew that Christmas for adults is always tinged with sadness. Keep Reading

Extra! Extra! Read All About It: Kringle is Real!  That day he had the annoying chore of writing about Santa Claus. Keep Reading

The Farmer’s Promise — He twice astonished the world — by going home. Keep Reading

“As Near Heaven as We Can Get” —  Within days they exhausted their meager provisions. As it snowed without cease, they began to starve, and then to die. It was a terrifying state of affairs. Keep Reading

The Finest Trick — It took his dying, which was the greatest escape of all, but it also made for Houdini’s finest trick. Keep Reading

Angry Young Hamilton — Like a primed gun, Alexander Hamilton’s temper snapped its trigger. Keep Reading

American Allen — Something awful happened in that room that night. Keep Reading.

The Longest Running Show —  It was said he could whip his weight in wildcats, with a panther added for variety. Keep Reading

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