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Robert K. Landers reviewsWashington’s Circle in The Wall Street Journal

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• Meet the“Express Rider of the Union” • Nelly Custis Cat introduces Eliza Willing Powel • The Mark of Zotero

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Awkward Fellow, Sure-FootedAbraham Lincoln was despondently walking home in the dark when his right foot slipped on a patch of mud and nearly knocked his left leg out from under him. Keep Reading

The Two GeneralsAt Appomattox 150 years ago, it was a strange reversal of fortune for the two men who met there. Keep Reading

Cast-Iron ManJohn Caldwell Calhoun died 165 years ago on March 31 in the midst of the worst political crisis the United States suffered before the one that caused the Civil War. By the time of his death, Calhoun had landed on the wrong side of the struggle, and history would not be kind. It hadn’t always been that way.Keep Reading

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