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The July Editionof David and Jeanne’s Newsletter goes out this week!

• Braddock’s Lesson• Nelly Custis Cat on a tomboy at Mount Vernon“The Fate of the Falmouth” is Strange but True

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"Dove Mi Piaci”He accomplished what the rest of the world had long thought impossible. It was 200 yers agothis week, beginning on June 30. Keep Reading

Gad! said the Dad of YesteryearThere is something curiously modern about Father’s Day that dour forebears would have found peculiar.Keep Reading

Music of the Perpetual NightTom Wiggins had the enviable purpose of creating wonder and joy out of the grotesque and inexplicable.Keep Reading

Lucy at LaunchHe couldn’t take his eyes off of her. He had never seen anything so wonderful, so perfect. He never would again. Keep Reading

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