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• Pride Goeth, A Cautionary Tale• Nelly Custis Catremembers Anne ClayAnd a new feature

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Bleeding SumnerAtone point Stephen A. Douglas was heard to mutter, “There’s one damned fool who’s going to get himself killed by another damned fool.” Keep Reading

Mrs. Howe’s Mother’s DayWhen the nineteenth century was winding down and she had become an old lady, Julia Ward Howe had her palm read by “an expert.”Keep Reading

To Begin the World Over AgainThomas Paine had written during the Revolution,“We have it in our power to begin the world over again.” That April day, Americans were intent on proving it. Keep Reading

“Do Recognize Him Some WhereIt was not the end of the affair but only the start of a deep mystery beginning with who the killer was, who he became, and how he seemingly managed to cheat death, after a fashion.

David S. Heidler 2015