Celestial Fireа—аThe pleasant young man sprouting like a weed had set himself a challenging standard.аContinue Reading

Nightingaleа—аThe master huckster Phineas T. Barnum promoted her as the greatest singer of all time. Sheаwasn’t. She was something more.аContinue Reading

A Christmas Sampler!аForаthis year’s Yuletide, a few recollections to divert and, we hope, delight again or anew. аContinueаReading

An American Album

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Thanksgivingа—а—аSomething happened at Plymouth that was memorable enough to lay the foundation of a tradition.аContinue Reading

Lively Girlа—аGeorge was eleven,а and it was Mary who shaped his childhood, though it’s hard to say how.ааContinueаReading

Where is There?а— Plopped down in a trackless wilderness, they were of that generation’s pocket-protector set, nerds in the modernаnomenclature. ContinueаReading

Seventeen Days in Juneа—аCongress had done the king a favor by providingаa short list of traitors.аContinue Reading

( Heidlers Photo Credit: Don Jones, Studio Nine Commercial Photography) ай David and Jeanne Heidler 2018