Gibbyа—ааHeаalways showed up where there was free food and drink as long as there was also the chance to be clever.аContinue Readingаа

Plymouth Adventure—аIt was an epic adventure that was gloriously improbable and wonderfully hopeless. Such things were these people’s stock in trade.аContinue Reading

The Strange Affair of the Bells at BealingsаThere was no explanation аThere never has been.аContinue Readingа

“Fawning, Flattery, Duplicity, Hypocrisyа—аThey denouncedаWashington’s elite as incompetent and uncaring. аContinue Reading

An American Album

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Whither Big Apple, Witheredа—аIt was the end of an era, the time when the only guard the president had needed was the affection of his fellow citizens.аContinue Reading

Monroe Agonistesа—аHeаperfected the art of being forcefully timid, of moving with indecisive decisiveness, of feeling strongly both ways.аContiue Reading

Retreat to a Reckoningа—аHe looked into their haunted eyes and saw something primal.аContinue Reading

American Allenа— Something awful happened in that room that night.аContinue Reading.

America, in the Style of Revereа—аHe built things to last forever. аContinue Reading

The Empire at MidnightаA reprise of a post that first appeared several years ago kicks off ourаremembrance of Paul Revere to mark the bicentennial of his death. Next week, we will look at the man in full, but here is a recounting of his most famous deed. Continue Reading

The Invaluable Allyа—аAn excerpt from David and Jeanne’s forthcoming book!аContinue Reading

Dulce et Decorumа—аWhen he died on Breed’s Hill, he was only thirty-four, an unlikely revolutionary, as they all were.аContinue Reading

Hellfire in the Holy Cityа—аThe people retreating from the heat and light knew that the firefighters would not make any difference.аContinue Reading

Music Manа—аThe unflappable quiet man made everybody hope that maybe, justаmaybe, thisаwasn’t a flop.аContinue Reading

Millyа—аNeither for marriage nor money did she save the terrified white boy that spring afternoon on the banks of the Wakulla.аContinue Reading

Rather Respected Than Belovedа—аHe had never been able to shake the nagging feeling that his life was aimless and wastedContinue Readingа

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