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Time Well Spent! Students of the American Civil War will enjoy as well as profit from a visit to the Essential Civil War Curriculum, which has been put together by Virginia Tech. This magnificent web resource provides thoughtful and entertaining essays by leading Civil War scholars on a broad range of topics. David and Jeanne are honored to be included by way of their pieces on The Fire-Eaters and The Great Triumvirate


An Idea So Shining — It ranks with Magna Carta as a great pivot in the affairs of mankind. Keep Reading

The Baby in the Barn — The light hurt their eyes, and worse, it frightened them. Keep Reading

Thanksgiving — Something happened at Plymouth that was memorable enough to lay the foundation of a tradition. Keep Reading

Doing Some Things as Well as Others — All the crowds would cheer when Sam popped up, until the day he didn’t. Keep Reading

Holding Darkness Within  — After sunset, nobody could hear them, or help them.  Keep Reading

Springtime for Bonaparte and History — Everyone thinks that Waterloo was his final campaign, but it was merely a prelude to the one he later mounted and won. Keep Reading

Hidden Prompt for a Private Play — His fellow thespians might have considered it a comic episode of delightful misadventures and impossible misunderstandings, except the show would close with a killing. Keep Reading

Lund’s House — He never asked for more than his due and was often willing to do with considerably less. Keep Reading

Nightingale — The master huckster Phineas T. Barnum promoted her as the greatest singer of all time, but she wasn’t. Keep Reading

The Wind with No Name — The fate awaiting them in the Florida Keys amounted to a tragedy worthy of Aeschylus. Keep Reading

An American in Full — Like his country, he was mindful of expenses but counted no costs. Keep Reading

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