A Christmas Sampler

Merry Christmas, everyone! More than a few revelers have requested that we make the Sampler from last Christmas an annual event, so here ’tis for this Yuletide celebration. There is something brand new in the first offering that poses an age-old question about Seeing Santa. аA trio of confections from days of yore will give everyone a chance аto revisit or perhaps discover anew the story of theаmost famous editorial in the history of journalism, a tribute to the most accomplished story teller of his time, and a recounting of the Nativity with comical but heartwarming recollections of school pageants gone awry but always magically turning out right.

Have a wonderful Christmas! You have our best wishes for that, and, of course, for a grand New Year. а



Down through the ages, active imaginations have given a mythical figure form and substance as they summon a jolly bringer of gifts. But does the “myth” spring from imagination or something else? Hmmm. аWho’s up for finding out?

Seeing Santa

Extra! Extra! Read All About It: Kringle is Real!

Frank Church was a no-nonsense newspaperman who was given a silly assignment he considered a complete waste of his time. But for this professional journalist, a job was a job and one column was just as important as another. Church put together something he believed would be seviceable. Imagine his and the world’s surprise when it turned out that he had managed to write something moreа— something much, much more.а

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Della and Jim’s story is a poignant tribute to the givers of the first Christmas presents. It was written by a whimsical fellow from North Carolina who tookаNew York City by storm at the turn of the 20th century. You’ll be richer in spirit for getting to know him. The characters he brought to life, with only a few hundred words, will be alive for you forever.а


For every Mom who has sewn together a costume, and for every Dad who has stepped wearily into an auditorium to see a familiar story badly told, here is why Moms and Dads, in the end, don’t mind at all.

The Baby in the Barnаа

( Heidlers Photo Credit: Don Jones, Studio Nine Commercial Photography) ай David and Jeanne Heidler 2019